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Be the Fittest Mt4 Forex Trader

 Money or success without being fit and healthy is not much. It is the way one can optimize their enjoyment of being alive. Similarly, being a fit mt4 forex trader is how one becomes the best mt4 forex trader he can be.

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How does one become a fit mt4 forex trader? It is like how one becomes physically fit: doing the hard work, being patient, being dedicated and being motivated. Does one want the good life as an mt4 forex trader? Does one want the good life in general? To do that one must adapt, one must evolve in both forex trading and life. It is not enough to just know a lot of things if one does not take massive action and change what he is doing.

  • Mt4 forex trader must preserve capital to trade:

If one wants to survive, preserve their capital. In the wild, an African lion is one of nature’s most finely-tuned and evolved predators. Another highly-evolved predator is the Australian saltwater crocodile. Both are amazing predators. Display behavior as an mt4 forex trader, one can learn from them. They conserve their energy for the easiest prey. They certainly do not go charging after everything they see, because they know that will result in starvation. Over time, they have evolved and adapted to learn that being patient or waiting is the quickest way to get a good meal. They preserve their energy or capital so that when an ideal prey comes along they can kill it with ease.

As an mt4 forex trader, if one is taking risk their money on every little intra-day pattern he sees. He is going to quickly run out of capital or money. And when an easy trade comes along, he is going to cry on the sidelines, wishing he had been patient and conserved their capital better. 

  • Mt4 forex trader must have Evolvement and adaption:

It is the most important piece of the puzzle to become one of the fittest mt4 forex traders, is accepting that to progress and profit one must evolve and adapt. First off all one must study and learn how to trade on mt4 properly in the beginning and as time goes on he will continue to learn from the mt4 charts and from studying the Triggerspl mt4 charts. One then must begin the process of trial and of learning from his past mistakes and evolving from a beginner to an intermediate mt4 forex trader.

Adapting and evolving also means one can adapt to changing market conditions. If one keeps trying to trade on mt4 a trending market as it transitions into a range-bound forex market, one is going to lose money. The ability to look at an mt4 chart, interpret mt4 charts with trigger indicators that are being told on it and act accordingly, is how he knows he is on the right track.

One must learn from screen time and from mistakes. If he can’t use his mistakes to their advantage, to evolve, he is not going to make it as an mt4 forex trader. So, do not let the mistakes that get him down. Look at each mistake as a chance to improve something and to learn.

  • Mt4 forex trader has to pick trades wisely:

Just like predators choose their prey wisely, one must choose their trades wisely as discussed in above point. One can’t throw their capital after bad mt4 trades; he must stay disciplined and remain patient. Just like an African lion is not going after the strongest prey. He is choosing the easy ones because he knows his energy reserves are limited. And if the lion continues to expend energy and get no prey, he will die.

Similarly, if one continues over trading on mt4 and not follows an anticipatory mt4 trading plan of waiting for high-probability forex trade situations to set up, he is going to lose money quickly and their trading account will also die. Like Warren Buffet the most professional trader said; trading is a no-called-strike game – one doesn’t have to swing at every pitch!

  • The mt4 forex trader should develop and use their trading intuition:

As one grows and evolves as an mt4 forex trader, he will develop a forex trader’s gut feel or intuition. This is one of the last pieces of the puzzle that will come after he consistently does all the other things discussed in this article. The best mt4 forex trader, like the market wizards, can look at an mt4 chart and instantly have a high-probability gut feel about where it is going next or trend of the market. From there, they need only wait for a turn to trade, proper risk reward scenario and execute their forex mt4 trade. To someone new to forex mt4 trading, this might look easy. But they are not seeing the many years of persistent dedication to the craft that led up to that point. So just subscribe here and enjoy mt4 trading and be the fittest mt4 forex trader.


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