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Mt4 trading platform

1. Is Trigger an Expert Adviser (E/A-Robot) for automatic mt4 trading?

Ans: No, Trigger is not an Expert Adviser (E/A or robot) for automatic trading on the mt4 trading platform. The trigger is studies (Indicators and templates) which generate automatic buy or sell signals with supportive indicators for filtration of false signals if any on chart window of the mt4 trading platform and the trader have to trade accordingly.

* It is not advisable to use E/A or robot for automatic trading on mt4.

2. Trigger works on which time frame of the Mt4 trading platform?

Ans: it works on all time frames it depends on trader which time frame is suitable for the trader to say for example. If the trader is a scalper,  will choose M1 and M5, if the trader is a day trader he will choose M15, M30, and 1Hr and if the is a positional trader then choose H4 and daily and if he/she is dealing physical stock like gold, silver etc., then the trader will see weekly and monthly time frames.

* Whatever time frame you may select but the trade should be completed within that time.

3. Is Trigger repaint itself or fixed signals?

Ans: No repainting or fixed signals found in Trigger and is fully trusted while observing in live market operation.

4. Trigger works on which segment?

Ans: Trigger works on all segments like Forex (all currencies pairs), CFDs. (Gold, Silver, Crude oil, Copper, Natural Gas etc., in all commodities) Stocks and Indices like Nifty and all symbols of Meta Trader 4 (mt4).
5. How to filter false signals generate if any?
Ans:  The market moves with both fundamental as well as technical reasons. So while trading first observes fundamental reasons and go with technical trends so if there is no fundamental reasons to move market don’t go with technical signals. Consequently, the false signals will be avoided….. So be careful don’t entertain each and every alerts/ signal blindly make sure any fundamental reasons, candle time and supportive indicators window (given below of main chart window) which confirms right or wrong signals. To know about trigger indicators
6. How to Install Trigger Indicators on Mt4 trading platform?
7. What are the Entry and Exit levels in Triggerspl

triggerspl-wait-level Sell-entry-levels-traders Buy entry levels-triggerspl trigger-alert


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